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Center for Theoretical Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences (CTP PAS) will be opening a fully funded PhD position within the doctoral school Warsaw4PhD, with a start date of October 1st, 2024. We will be looking for a candidate to join the project "Studies of Spectrum Broadcast Structures in Quantum Open Systems Models", carried on at CTP and financed by National Science Center (NCN). The principal investigator is dr Jarek Korbicz. The project combines modern open quantum systems theory, quantum information, and foundations of quantum mechanics.

We are currently looking for a PhD candidate to work in quantum information theory. The primary focus of this role is to contribute to an externally funded project about photonic quantum state generation and quantum non-locality.

We are looking to fill a PhD position in the Hybrid Quantum Systems group led by Carlos Gonzalez-Ballestero at the Vienna University of Technology. We search a motivated candidate with strong analytical skills to develop theoretical work on levitated quantum optomechanics in close collaboration with experiments. Women are especially encouraged to apply. More information on our research and how to apply at https://www.gonzalezballesterogroup.com

In a world where quantum technology is shaping the future of information technology, we find ourselves at the threshold of a groundbreaking era in communication. Quantum communications harness the unique properties of photons and the optical communication tools developed over the years, enabling us to distribute quantum coherence and secure information to distant recipients, thus paving the way for the quantum internet of tomorrow.

Quantum communications are revolutionising the way we transmit information and connect remote parties. Leveraging on the quantum properties of photons and on the tools developed for optical communications, it is now possible to create a quantum network that distributes confidential information to distant users with the highest level of security and creates strong quantum correlations - or entanglement - at its nodes, thus shaping the future quantum internet.


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