The “QCAT” Research Group carries out interdisciplinary studies at the border of quantum optics and condensed matter. Our goal is discovering inspiring physical phenomena, investigating the capabilities of modern platforms and finding their potential applications in quantum technologies. The Group has a theoretical background but tightly collaborates with experimentalists. Our domain comprises systems built with integrated optical circuits and superconducting photon detectors, optical microcavities and two-dimensional nanomaterials (e.g. graphene).

We are looking for a highly motivated and talented Ph.D. student willing to join the team undertaking a new, 3-year "First Team" research project entitled Integrated optics in time-frequency domain: a new versatile platform for quantum technologies, funded by the Foundation for Polish Science. The project aims at research in the field of theoretical condensed matter as well as theoretical and experimental quantum optics.

A PostDoc position fully funded by the South African Research Chair in Quantum Information Processing and Communications is available at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban. The Centre for Quantum Technology has groups working on theoretical and experiment topics, that include

- Open quantum systems
- Dissipative quantum computing
- Quantum biology
- Quantum cryptography
- Quantum nanophotonics
- Cold atoms - BEC

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