quantum information

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The conference series started in early 1990s in Central Europe and evolved during more than 20 years into one of most popular annual meetings of European scientists interested in quantum optics and quantum information. Organized every year in another location, the conference has travelled across the continent and in 2015 it will come for the first time to Poland.

The School of Physics of Astronomy at Tel-Aviv University invites applications for a post-doctoral position in Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. The research, led by professors Yakir Aharonov and Lev Vaidman, is focused on time and non-locality in quantum mechanics, with a special emphasis on entanglement, weak measurements and the Aharonov-Bohm Effect.

In the theory group of Prof. Uwe R. Fischer at Seoul National University, there is an opening for a Postdoc position for one year, with a possible extension by another year. Possible research topics are novel quantum phases in optical lattices, dipolar gases with strong correlations, the many-body physics of fragmented condensates, dynamical quantum phase transitions, the Kibble-Zurek mechanism of topological defect creation, and quantum state transfer in hybrid quantum systems.

General description: The main goal of the project is to model and investigate theoretically the potential of spin-photon interfaces for quantum information processing. Such devices consist of single spins coupled to light propagating in waveguides, or photonic circuits : in these so-called "one dimensional atoms", light matter interaction is so strong that the spin state leaves a macroscopic imprint on single photons having interacted with it.

We are seeking highly motivated postdoctoral fellows and PhDs for theoretical and experimental work on solid state quantum photonics, nanophotonics, nanofabrication, optomechanics, optical quantum computation algorithms and related fields.


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