quantum information

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Monday, July 6, 2015

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Monday, July 6, 2015

A meeting on Quantum Information Processing and Applications (QIPA-2015) will be held during 07 - 13 December, 2015 at Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI), Allahabad, India. In this program, in addition to fundamental issues related to quantum information, we wish to include topics related to the interface of quantum information with other sciences like condensed matter, cold gas, and quantum optics. You are requested to complete the registration form, if you are interested to attend the program.

We offer two Ph.D. student positions in the project ''New fundamental bounds on correlations of a strictly quantum nature. Various definitions of quantumness and their mutual relations''.

Applications are invited for two postdoctoral positions to work with Dr Gerardo Adesso on an ERC Starting Grant project entitled “Genuine quantumness in cooperative phenomena” funded by the European Research Council. The principal goal of the project is to analyse and challenge the quantum-classical border from a jointly fundamental and applicative viewpoint. The project is expected to deliver novel tools for the characterisation of quantumness in composite systems and to develop novel platforms for its practical utilisation in quantum technology applications.


3 Research Fellows (PhD candidates) in Informatics / Computer Science
Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, Norway

Closing date for applications: 1st June 2015

These positions are advertised across specialisations, and include the following possible research topics:

The aim of the workshop is to discuss current theoretical developments on quantum non-equilibrium dynamics at the interface of statistical mechanics, condensed matter, cold atoms, quantum information, metrology and control.


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