Two post-doctoral positions are open at the CEA Grenoble (France) on the modelling of Si MOS and Si/SiGe spin quantum bits (qubits). The positions will remain open until filled, and have a duration of up to 2 years.
Specific details for each position are provided below. Please clearly indicate in your application the specific position to which you are applying.

We are looking for motivated and talented postdoctoral researchers and PhD candidates for the theoretical Quantum Technology research group of Martin Kliesch at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany.

Research topics: The successful candidates will work on topics related to quantum computation such as

1. Quantum Enhanced Technology
- quantum simulators
- quantum enhanced machine learning
- adiabatic vs gate-model algorithms

2. Foundations and Mathematical Methods
- theory of tensor networks
- theory of quantum walks and time symmetry breaking (chiral quantum walks)
- symmetries, invariant theory

Research Focus: Hybrid Simulation Techniques for Experimental QKD , Hybrid Quantum - Digital Cryptography Schemes & Quantum Internet

Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia is seeking to fill 5, 3-yr postdoctoral posts (2 Experiment, 3 Theory), in the areas of

* Diamond Quantum Science
* Quantum Nanophotonics
* Hybrid Quantum Engineering
* Theoretical Quantum Simulations
* Topological or Many-Body Quantum Science

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