Five Postdocs in Engineered Quantum Systems at the Macquarie University in Sydney

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia is seeking to fill 5, 3-yr postdoctoral posts (2 Experiment, 3 Theory), in the areas of

* Diamond Quantum Science
* Quantum Nanophotonics
* Hybrid Quantum Engineering
* Theoretical Quantum Simulations
* Topological or Many-Body Quantum Science

These posts will be part of the new Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS). EQUS brings together researchers at the University of Queensland, Macquarie University, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia and from leading international research institutions to exploit the vast resources of the quantum realm to produce new capabilities, new technologies, and new science through the creation of designer quantum systems. The project will exploit the deepest principles and resources of quantum physics to solve challenging problems in physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, and medicine.

This project commences in mid-2011 and has an initial seven year funding. It will support the research activities of approximately 70 researchers, including research fellows, students, technical and administrative staff. More information about the overall goals of the project can be viewed at

The posts at Macquarie University are either at level B (equivalent to Lecturer), or at level C (equivalent to Senior Lecturer):
Level B Package: From $91,916 per annum, including (Level B) base salary from $77,670 to $92,103 per annum, plus 17% employer's superannuation and annual leave loading.
Level C Package: From $112,411 per annum, including (Level C) base salary from $94,989 to $109,423 per annum, plus 17% employer's superannuation and annual leave loading.

Deadline for applications is March 31st 2011
Only applications made online at Macquarie University's job server will be considered:

More information is available at