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2022 Opening for Experimental Post-doctoral and PhD Positions (Ferlaino Lab)

We are looking for talented and motivated Postdocs and PhD students to join our Dipolar Quantum Gases Labs (www.erbium.at) at the University of Innsbruck and IQOQI, Austria.

We are currently searching for talented and motivated post-doctoral research associates and PhD students. Openings are for the following projects:

Experimental Postdoc position on quantum simulation with dipolar quantum gases of Erbium atoms (Univ. Innsbruck & IQOQI)
In this project you will create dipolar Fermi and Bose gases of Erbium atoms and to use them to study strongly-correlated lattice spin systems and spinor system. Moreover, the newly discover ultra-narrow inner-shell optical transition in Erbium (similar to a clock transition in alkali-earth atoms) will be used to access new regime of control and manipulation for quantum simulation and quantum optics physics.

We explore quantum phenomena using lasers to prepare atoms and nearly absolute zero temperature and to control their interaction properties, in particular using their highly excited (Rydberg) states. We are especially interested in developing novel applications of ultracold quantum systems, including quantum simulation of exotic states of matter, non-equilibrium physics, quantum sensing, chemistry, biophysics and computing.

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