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Andrei Khrennikov was born in 1958 in Volgograd and spent his childhood in town Bratsk, in Siberia, north from the lake Baikal. In the period 1975-1980 he studied at Moscow State University, department of Mechanics and Mathematics and then in 1983 he got PhD in mathematical physics (quantum field theory) from the same department He started his career abroad at Bochum University and since 1997 he is professor of applied mathematics at Linnaueus University, South-East Sweden, since 2002, the director of the multidisciplinary research center at this university, International Center for Mathematical Modeling in Physics, Engineering, Economics, and Cognitive Science. Research interests of prof Khrennikov are also characterized by multi-disciplnarity, e.g., foundations of quantum physics and quantum information, foundations of probability, mathematical modeling of cognition. He is the author of about 460 papers and 21 monographs: 1. E. Haven, A. Khrennikov, T. R. Robinson, Quantum Methods in Social Science: A First Course. WSP, Singapore, 2017 2. M. Asano, A. Khrennikov, M. Ohya, Y. Tanaka, I.Yamato, Quantum Adaptivity in Biology: from Genetics to Cognition. Springer, Heidelberg-Berlin-New York, 2015. 3. A. Khrennikov, Beyond Quantum, Pan Stanford Publ., Singapore, 2014. 4. E. Haven and A. Khrennikov, Quantum Social Science, Cambridge Press, Cambridge, 2013. 5. A. Khrennikov, Ubiquitous quantum structure: from psychology to finances, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 2010. 6. S. Albeverio, A. Khrennikov, V. Shelkovich, Theory of p-adic distributions: linear and nonlinear models. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2010. 8. V. Anashin and A. Khrennikov, Applied algebraic dynamics. De Gruyter, Berlin, 2009. 9. A. Khrennikov, Interpretations of Probability. De Gruyter, Berlin, 2009, second edition (completed). 10. A. Khrennikov, Contextual approach to quantum formalism, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 2009. 11. A. Khrennikov, Introduction to quantum information theory. Nauka, Fizmatlit, Moscow, 2008 (in Russian). 12. A. Khrennikov, Nilsson M., p-adic deterministic and random dynamical systems. Kluwer-Springer, Dordreht, 2004. 13. A. Khrennikov, Modeling of processes of thinking in $p$-adic coordinates. Nauka, Fizmatlit, Moscow, 2004 (in Russian). 14. A. Khrennikov, Information dynamics in cognitive, psychological, social, and anomalous phenomena. Ser.: Fundamental Theories of Physics, Kluwer, Dordreht, 2004. 15. A. Khrennikov, Non-Archimedean analysis and its applications. Nauka, Fizmatlit, Moscow, 2003 (in Russian). 16. A. Khrennikov, Non-Kolmogorovian theories of probability and quantum physics. Nauka, Fizmatlit, Moscow, 2003 (in Russian). 17. A. Khrennikov, Classical and quantum mental models and Freud's theory of unconscious mind. Series Math. Modelling in Phys., Engineering and Cognitive sciences, v.1. V\"axj\"o Univ. Press, V\"axj\"o, 2002. 18. A. Khrennikov, Interpretations of Probability. VSP Int. Sc. Publishers, Utrecht/Tokyo, 1999. 19. A. Khrennikov, Supernalysis. Nauka, Fizmatlit, Moscow, 1997 (in Russian). English translation: Kluwer, Dordreht, 1999. 20. A. Khrennikov, Non-Archimedean analysis: quantum paradoxes, dynamical systems and biological models. Kluwer, Dordreht, 1997. 21. A. Khrennikov, p-adic valued distributions and their applications to the mathematical physics, Kluwer, Dordreht, 1994.