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Present: I am currently transitioning between working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies at the University of Gdańsk, and becoming a Junior Group Leader of Quantum Resources Group at the Jagiellonian University. I am interested in all areas of quantum information theory, with a particular emphasis on resource theories and open dynamics. At the moment I am mostly focusing on various approaches to capture the notions of reversibility and irreversibility in the quantum regime, and thus my work revolves around information-theoretic ways to describe the second law of thermodynamics. This includes investigating the problem of state interconversion under constrained dynamics (especially in the non-asymptotic regime), studying structural differences between classical stochastic dynamics and open quantum dynamics, and understanding the role of memory in dissipation processes. Besides these topics, I am also working on designing optimal classical algorithms for the simulation of quantum circuits. Past: I come from Kluczbork, a small town in south-western Poland. I got my Bachelor's degree in Physics and Master's degree in Nanoengineering from Wrocław University of Science and Technology, where I started my research with Professor Paweł Machnikowski. I then joined Centre for Doctoral Training on Controlled Quantum Dynamics at Imperial College London, where I pursued my PhD degree in Physics under the joint supervision of Professor Terry Rudolph and Dr David Jennings. Afterwards I did my first postdoc in Quantum Science Research Group at the University of Sydney, Australia.