Lev Vaidman


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Lev Vaidman, born in Leningrad, studied physics in Israel. He received Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University under guidance of Yakir Aharonov with whom he collaborates until today. After three years at University of South Carolina, he returned to Tel Aviv where he is a head of a quantum group. His research is centered in foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum information. He is a theoretical physicist and many of his proposals were implemented in laboratories around the world, but recently he himself became involved in experimental realisations of his ideas. Vaidman is mainly known for introducing teleportation of continuous variables, cryptography with orthogonal states, novel types of quantum measurement: nonlocal, weak, protective, interaction-free, and introducing numerous quantum paradoxes. His analyses of interpretations of quantum mechanics centered in developing of the many-worlds interpretation, for which he is apparently the strongest proponent.