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I am an experimental physicist where much of my work has been multidisciplinary, drawing expertise from various fields such as semiconductor physics and fabrication, microscopy, low-temperature physics, photonics, optics, and quantum optics. That being said, the overarching goal of my research is to improve our understanding of what type of technologies can be achieved using quantum systems and how they can be implemented. This involves studying the foundations of quantum mechanics, identifying areas where quantum physics offers an improvement over traditional 'classical' information processing as well as new technologies unattainable with classical physics, and designing and implementing experiments to test their validity. In the past, my work has focused on developing novel sources of single photons based on semiconductor quantum dots. Recently, my research efforts include implementing optical quantum logic using heralded single-photon states, and the study of the foundations of quantum mechanics. My current research interests include deterministic quantum logic, photonic quantum computing, cluster states, heralded and deterministic quantum light sources, and coherent control of quantum dots.