Title Application deadline Job type
Post-doc position in theoretical quantum metrology 09/30/2017 PostDoc
Postdoc position: Experimental quantum optics 10/04/2017 PostDoc
QuICS Hartree Postdoctoral Fellowships 12/01/2017 PostDoc
PhD student: theory of a few ultra-cold atoms 09/22/2017 PhD
Call for Professors and Assistant Professors 11/02/2017 Professorship
Fully funded PhD studentship in optomechanics 09/26/2017 PhD
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in theoretical quantum information science 10/02/2017 Other, Professorship
Research Scientist for Quantum Computing 09/30/2017 Other
2 Assistant Professor positions at Warwick 10/20/2017 Professorship
Research assistant in project "Semantic tensor networks for large data sets analysis" 09/29/2017 PhD
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Quantum Control / Quantum Information 08/25/2017 Fellowship, PostDoc
Postdoctoral and graduate research positions -- quantum devices 10/05/2017 PostDoc
Ph. D. student in theoretical quantum optics / condensed matter 09/07/2017 PhD
Research Positions in Quantum Computing - Skoltech (Postdoc/PhDs) 08/10/2017 Fellowship, PhD, PostDoc
Research Fellow 09/06/2017 Fellowship
Call open for the Doctoral Programme in the Physics and Mathematics of Information (DP-PMI) 10/30/2017 Fellowship, PhD
Tenure Track Position Leiden (in collab w/ QuTech) 09/01/2017 Professorship
PhD projects in “quantum physics and quantum simulations” in CQT Singapore 08/08/2017 PhD
Postdoctoral positions in quantum optics/quantum information/quantum many-body physics (theory), CQT Singapore 08/08/2017 PostDoc
2 PhD positions in Quantum Information/Computing/Machine Learning, Institute for Informatics, University of Bergen, Norway 08/10/2017 PhD