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Everyone working on quantum information theory has his or her favourite interpretation of quantum mechanics. Those interested in the history and philosophy of quantum mechanics will find an interesting presentation of philosophical controversies concerning quantum mechanics in the recent book "Quantum" by Manjit Kumar. Graham Farmelo, the author of “The Strangest Man,” a biography of Paul Dirac, in his review written for New York Times writes: ''[..] Manjit Kumar cites a poll about the interpretation of quantum mechanics, taken among physicists at a conference in 1999.

David Voss at APS Physics writes: ''Nonlocality—the entanglement of one object with another at a distance—is a powerful way to achieve quantum information processing. However, quantum mechanics is tethered by a “no-signaling” principle, that is, these correlations cannot be used to transmit information arbitrarily quickly from one point to another.

The recently founded Center for Optics and Photonics of the Universidad de Concepción, Chile, seeks to expand its theoretical, experimental and applied research activities in the fields of

- Experimental and theoretical Quantum Information Sciences

- Optical Traps (Optical Tweezers)

- Remote Sensing Technologies (DOAS, DIAL, LIDAR, Satellite Remote Sensing, Airborne based optical instrumentation)

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Anzi Hu and Ludwig Mathey


Anzi Hu, L. Mathey, Carl J. Williams, Charles W. Clark

We study the noise correlations of one-dimensional binary Bose mixtures, as a probe of their quantum phases. In previous work, we found a rich structure of many-body phases in such mixtures, such as paired and counterflow superfluidity. Here we investigate the signature of these phases in the noise correlations of the atomic cloud after time-of-flight expansion, using both Luttinger liquid theory and the time-evolving block decimation (TEBD) method. We find that paired and counterflow superfluidity exhibit distinctive features in the noise spectra.

ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, a centre based in Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain), devoted to research and education of the optical and photonic sciences at the highest international level, is offering two postdoctoral positions to well-qualified, highly motivated and dynamic young scientists who wish to enhance their scientific career in a friendly and stimulating environment.


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