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On his blog Bruce Schneier writes "I'm always in favor of security research, and I have enjoyed following the developments in quantum cryptography. But as a product, it has no future. It's not that quantum cryptography might be insecure; it's that cryptography is already sufficiently secure."

Researchers in China and Europe have entangled a record-breaking 10 quantum bits — an important breakthrough in the quest to develop practical quantum computers.

Atoms have been combined for the first time into tightly bound molecules in large numbers at temperatures close to absolute zero.
This is good news for scientists who hope to have greater control over basic chemical reactions and for those who want to build a new
kind of computer, one based on mysterious quantum behavior.

Post doctoral and PhD positions are available at Data Storage Institute, Singapore
Two positions are available in a newly founded group to motivated scientists in the field of experimental quantum optics. The mainstream project is focused on generation of quantum light and its various applications. In particular, we will work on:

The department of physics at the Universite de Sherbrooke invites applications for a postdoctoral position in quantum information theory in the group of Alexandre Blais. The group’s main area of research is the physics of superconducting qubits and solid-state realizations of quantum optics (circuit QED). We offer an active and stimulating research environment, enhanced by strong local and international collaborations.


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