Experimental Physicist - Quantum Optics

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Application deadline: 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Summary of Position and Responsibilities

The selected candidates will work with our established team of physicists and engineers to build our integrated photonic quantum computation platform based on the continuous variable (CV) approach. They will be involved in all aspects of the quantum hardware system at Xanadu’s lab: design of photonic components, construction of the apparatus, and carrying out key experiments. They will also be responsible for writing patents and peer-reviewed publications describing these devices and experiments. Successful applicants will have a proven track record of accomplishments in experimental quantum optics, having developed during their research careers cutting-edge techniques for the generation, control, and detection of non-classical light.

Basic Qualifications and Experience

- PhD in experimental physics, or related relevant discipline, with a specialization in quantum optics
- 1+ years post-doctoral research experience (Exceptional applicants without post-doctoral experience will be considered)

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

- 3+ years post-doctoral research experience

- Experience with squeezed light generation and measurement

- Experience with single photon detection and homodyne detection

- Background in CV quantum information protocols

- Strong record of independently-led projects

- Experience with nonlinear optics

- Experience with optical cavities

- Some experience with nanophotonics and integrated optics

Required Knowledge and Skills

- Strong theoretical understanding of quantum optics

- Self-motivated and comfortable working in a fast-paced team environment

Summary of Company

Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Xanadu is a technology start-up focused on building a full-stack photonic quantum computer based on the continuous variable approach. With a team of top-tier researchers from MIT, Harvard, and Columbia leading the technical development, Xanadu is positioned to bring quantum computation and simulation to practical use. You can read more about us at www.xanadu.ai.

Xanadu has secured a large seed funding round from world-class venture capitalists. We are always on the lookout to recruit the best-in-class talent to support the development and execution of our technology, which will drive new innovations and generate lasting global impacts.

Point of Contact

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your attached CV to Zachary Vernon (zach@xanadu.ai) with the subject heading “Quantum Optics -- Application”.