Internship (3 months) on dynamical quantum complex network (for post-graduated students) - urgent!

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Friday, March 1, 2019

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This internship project could bring together two teams of CPT and LIS, to explore at the frontier between quantum information and theoretical physics, the basic mechanisms relating network complexity, quantum states and dynamics. We will investigate interacting many-body quantum walks and automata on dynamical graphs, and use their entanglement evolution and other information tools to link topological and information processing properties. We are interested in (i) the mathematical general description of quantum complex network dynamics, (ii) the possibility to define in these systems a causal structure, and finally (ii) the analysis of eventual quantum transitions induced by changes in the growing network underlying topology (iv) the mechanism of relaxation and thermalization of isolated systems. The interplay of many-body effects due to local interactions and the evolving graph topology, is largely unexplored. We want, in particular, to determine the conditions for the emergence of macroscopic well
defined properties (a well defined magnetic phase, a particular geometry in gravitation, a non classical resource in quantum
computing) in a microscopic chaotic system, essentially controlled by the entanglement growth. We think that the basic relation
between information and physics laws, is rich enough to trigger a scientific activity in Marseille, which may contribute to the
formation of a larger community working in this emerging discipline.

The 3-months long internship will be funded as legally required in France and is addressed in particular to post-graduated students (equivalent M2 in France)

please, if you are interested contact rapidly