Quantum Information theory

The Quantum Information Theory Group QUIT in Pavia (www.qubit.it) is searching for highly motivated postdoctoral scientists to join the young and dynamic research team led by Giacomo M. D'Ariano at the "A. Volta" Physics Department of the University of Pavia (www.unipv.it)

Our research concerns theoretical and fundamental aspects of the exciting field of Quantum Information. We consider the mathematical description of general channels, measurements, networks, protocols and algorithms, for the purpose of optimising particular important tasks, and engineer feasible setups approaching the ultimate performances allowed by the laws of quantum mechanics.

We are looking for postdoctoral research scientists with a firm mathematical background, and with a strong motivation to pursue a research career in theoretical quantum physics. Ideal candidates have a proven working knowledge of mathematical and statistical methods for quantum theory, in particular group representation theory, linear algebra, quantum estimation and discrimination theory, information theory and computer science. The candidates must also have the capability of interacting with experimental physicists in order to devise experiments to demonstrate the key theoretical principles.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity of substantially contributing to brand new research projects involving a network of leading groups in the European quantum information community, and aimed to realise working quantum devices representing an important step forward in quantum technology. The QUIT group is the ideal environment for a young theoretical quantum information scientist, providing a unique training in the most efficient theoretical methods and a wide range of international contacts, with frequent visits of both senior and young scientists from all over the world.

Pavia is a nice, medieval town, with an ancient University and many colleges for students, organising seminars, concerts and other cultural activities. It is located near Milan (30 Km), and well connected to the most important touristic sites in the northern/central part of Italy.

To apply, please send an email containing your curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a brief statement of research interests, including a short description of your background, motivation and skills to perinotti@fisicavolta.unipv.it. Please also arrange for at least two letters of reference to be sent directly by email to the above address.

We will examine the qualifications and publications of all candidates and write a short list. The selected candidates will spend a week in Pavia, during which they will deliver a seminar, and work in contact with group members. The final decision will be taken later, judging the scientific interaction during the visit.

For further information please contact the address below.

Dr. Paolo Perinotti
QUIT group, Dipartimento di Fisica A. Volta
Via Bassi 6, 27100 Pavia, ITALY

Tel +39 0382 98 7675
Fax +39 0382 98 7563
E-Mail perinotti@fisicavolta.unipv.it