Research Scientist for Quantum Computing

The Research Scientist for Quantum Computing will design experiments to run on emerging hardware to give insights into quantum approaches to NASA problems of interest, explore the robustness of the hardware, develop best practice programming techniques for quantum hardware, and illuminate the inner workings to better understand the mechanisms that can be used to provide a quantum computational advantage.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

Design, run, and analyze application-specific experiments on near-term quantum hardware, including quantum annealers and gate-model chips, and quantum simulators with an emphasis on gaining insight into how to harness quantum computation to improve robustness of communication in the future of aeronautics, particularly the inclusion of UAVs in the airspace.

Potential applications include optimization for robust network design, resource allocation, planning & scheduling, fault diagnosis, and machine learning

Design appropriate benchmark sets of application related problems.

Build tools that enable the most effective use of near-term quantum hardware, including programming middleware, such as mapping, embedding, circuit compilation, parameter setting, in both quantum annealers and gate-model quantum processors.

Perform experiments and analyses that elucidate quantum mechanisms that can be harnesses for quantum advantage or greater robustness, with an eye to improved quantum algorithm design.

Identify and analyze appropriate classical (non-quantum) algorithms for comparison.

Contribute technical content to research proposals

Required Skills

PhD degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics
A strong track record of research success as evidenced by peer reviewed publications and experience working in the field of Quantum Computing, with experience in optimization a plus.
Excellent organizational and technical communication skills.
Ability to work independently and as a team player
Ability to prioritize tasks, coordinates work of others, and meets multiple deadlines.

Desired Experience:

Experience developing quantum algorithms, analyses, and models
Experience designing, running and analyzing application-specific experiments on quantum hardware; and/or benchmarking these experiments against state-of-art classical methods
Experience building theoretical and numerical tools that enable effective use of near-term quantum hardware.