Sydney Quantum Academy PhD Scholarships

Sydney Quantum Academy PhD Scholarships offer a competitive stipend of up to AU$35,000 p.a. to undertake research at one of our partner universities including: the University of Sydney, Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, and the University of Technology Sydney.

Round 6 dates close on 04 May 2022. Visit:

Our PhD Scholarship program offers students funding to learn alongside some of the world’s leading quantum experts, and gain access to the SQA PhD Experience Program where you’ll join a growing community of quantum PhD students from across Sydney.

Undertake coursework at the four partner universities and benefit from training, seminars and workshops designed to give you a competitive edge in quantum’s future workforce.

Network with the brightest minds in quantum research and enjoy career development opportunities within academia and related industries.

There are 4 streams of SQA PhD Scholarships: 

  • SQA Primary Scholarships  provide students with a primary stipend for their PhD candidature worth AU$35,000 p.a. (pro-rata).
  • SQA Supplementary Scholarships  are  for  students holding a primary PhD stipend scholarship (worth less than AU$33,000 p.a.), to top-up and extend their stipend.
  • SQA Supplementary Extension Scholarships  are  for  students holding a primary PhD stipend scholarship (worth more than AU$33,000 p.a.), to extend their stipend.
  • SQA PhD Experience Program Scholarships provide entrance to the SQA PhD Experience Program.

Each scholarship offers access to career development funding and the SQA PhD Experience Program. International recipient tuition fees may also be waived or supplemented up to four years.

Eligibility for SQA Scholarships:

  • Scholarships are open to Australian citizens, permanent residents, and international applicants.
  • You are expected to apply for or be enrolled in a full-time PhD program at an SQA partner university. PhD projects must be in a field related to quantum technology. Please note you will not be offered an SQA PhD scholarship unless you have a PhD offer of admission. Find out how to apply for a quantum PhD in Sydney on our website.
  • You must have the support of an academic staff member at one of the partner universities. To assist you in your application, potential supervisors can be searched on our Sydney Quantum Experts directory on our website.
  • Information on the eligibility of each scholarship stream is available on our webpage. Please read the SQA PhD Scholarship Application Guidelines and SQA PhD Scholarship Conditions of Award carefully before applying. Failure to follow the guidelines will lead to your application not being considered.

Note: We encourage domestic and overseas-based applicants to apply. If you are based overseas, and not currently an Australian resident or holder of a permanent resident visa, your application will be considered. However, any offer will be dependent on the border restrictions in place by the Australian Government in response to COVID-19. You may be able to commence your studies overseas if you have support from your supervisor and university, however, you may not be able to start receiving scholarship payments until you arrive in Australia. Please check with your university for further information on offshore commencement. 


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About Sydney Quantum Academy

The SQA is a unique partnership between four world-leading universities – Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney. We are generously supported by the New South Wales Government.

Our vision is to build Australia’s quantum economy. Collaborating with academia, industry and government, SQA will harness Sydney’s collective quantum expertise to develop diverse talent and a globally recognised quantum ecosystem.