Technical Staff for QuTiP

Technical Staff for QuTiP

About this job This is a job post for a [one]-year job opportunity to work on maintaining and improving QuTiP (the Quantum Toolbox in Python). Compensation is competitive with academic community standards and will depend on the candidate experience (PhD graduate or not, etc.). The candidate will work at RIKEN, Wako campus, Japan, within the Theoretical Quantum Physics Laboratory, RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research (Laboratory head: Franco Nori, Chief Scientist). RIKEN is Japan’s basic science research institute. Wako is located in the Tokyo suburban area. You will coordinate with the QuTiP admin developers, under the supervision of Prof. Franco Nori.


Coordinate with the QuTiP admin developers, under the supervision of Prof. Franco Nori, to maintain and improve QuTiP’s features and functionalities, such as the ones already prioritized at

Skills & Qualifications

We will expect you have 2+ years of paid or voluntary experience with:

· Software skills in Python, git, the Python numerical and scientific stack

· Interest in the physics of open quantum systems, quantum optics, or quantum computing

· Excellent communication skills

· Familiarity with QuTiP as a user and some previous code contribution to one of QuTiP’s repository (qutip code, notebooks, documentation)

Additional bonus points

We will be delighted if you also have any of the following skills or experience:

· Research experience in quantum physics

· Code development experience working on a large collaborative open-source project

· Track record of involvement or support of the QuTiP community (Github code contributions, Q&As on QuTiP’s forum, etc.)

· Experience with developing and testing numerically efficient code such as: Cython, multithreading with OpenMP, PyPy.


Applicants should contact directly with a CV and cover letter. Related job opportunities (postdoc only) can be found at: for a postdoc working on coherent Ising machines, and neural networks and machine learning applied to quantum physics. Candidates with prior experience in these topics will have priority.