Visiting Scholar at Institute for Molecular Science

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Institute for Molecular Science (IMS) opens the opportunities for the Ph.D candidate visiting program . The term is from one year (April 2014 to March 2015) to three year. The visiting contract starts April 2014. Shikano group belongs at Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems (CIMoS) and opens the opportunities for opening the Ph.D students and candidates with the financial support of the research assistants. The current projects are

1) Analyzing the physical systems using non-equilibrium Green function (e.g. exciton-polaritons, coherent phonon, and ultracold atoms)
2) Constructing information science on small samples to be adopted to the realistic measurement data
Our group is welcome for the proposed project from the candidates.

When the candidates are interested in this visiting program, please contact Yutaka Shikano ( included
1: Curriculum vitae (CV)
2: Academic records in the candidate university
3: Letter of Recommendation from the academic supervisor. Form is (scanned pdf with signature or electrical document without signature)
The deadline is the end of January 2014. Soon after the deadline, the candidate should send the original deskwork documents with original signature to our institute.