Theory and Experiment

Our group performs researches, both experimental and theoretical, devoted to the investigation of entanglement in quantum mechanics and its application to quantum technologies, as quantum information processing and quantum metrology.

More in detail, many experiments based on the use of entangled pairs of photons have been performed, or are on realisation, using the eight laboratories of "Carlo Novero lab" (devoted to the memory of Carlo Novero who began this activity at IEN). Among them:

ICMM, International center for Mathematical Modeling
in physics, engineering and cognitive sciences

Directions of research at the ICMM :

Quantum computation (QC) holds out tremendous promise for efficiently solving some of the most difficult problems in computational science, such as integer factorization, discrete logarithms, and quantum modeling that are intractable on any present or future conventional computer. In addition, quantum cryptography(QKD) is considered the most powerful data encryption scheme ever developed and its codes are, by all indications, virtually unbreakable.

Lead Researchers: Faisal Shah Khan, Simon J.D. Phoenix.
Members: Ernesto Damiani, Abdel Isakovic, Harish Bhaskar


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