Theory and Experiment

Quitemad is a consortium of five groups working in different aspects of QIPC in the region of Madrid. This project is a four year coordinated action funded by the regional goverment. Apart from research in technological and theoretical aspects of of quantum information theory, the consortium is strongly devoted to the development of a four year program of activities, such as workshops, conferences, seminars and scientific exchange between local and international groups.

Research and teaching in Vienna are focusing on modern developments in quantum information technologies, quantum communication, entanglement with photons and with massive objects, quantum teleportation, neutron optics, atom chips, molecular quantum optics, as well as quantum physics in nanostructured solids, such as quantum dots and quantum cascade lasers.

Quantum physics is concerned with fundamental questions of physics, such as the existence of superposition states or the entanglement of quantum states and the implications of their application. In the period since Max Planck's discoveries, theoretical and experimental research has evolved at an amazing pace and scientists today are capable of controlling quantum systems of photons, of single ions and atoms or small numbers of them with extraordinary precision.

Physics is fascinating because of the intellectual excitement it provides and because of the applications it offers. In the Group of Applied Physics (GAP) at Geneva University we get our inspiration from both of these motivations. Optics, in this respect, has a privileged place. Indeed, in modern optics, experiments and theory progress hand-in-hand, and practical applications are close behind. Consequently, we can work both on conceptual issues and on applications. Moreover, it is a very good time for optics!


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