Title Application deadline Job type
Research Associate in Optical Quantum Communication 31/07/2017 PostDoc
Master’s programme "Quantum Information Technologies" 15/07/2017 Other
PhD positions in quantum optics and many-body theory (Heidelberg University) 29/07/2017 PhD
Research Fellow in Quantum Communications, University of Leeds, UK 12/07/2017 PostDoc
Research Fellowship in Fundamental Physics – Quantum Metrology 06/07/2017 PostDoc
PhD Position Quantum Internet @ QuTech 01/08/2017 PhD
Postdoc Position Quantum Internet @ QuTech 15/07/2017 PostDoc
PhD in coherent energy transport and molecular spin qubits 25/09/2017 PhD
Chair of Excellence in quantum computing in Grenoble 10/10/2017 Other, PostDoc
Phd/PostDoc Position - Experiments on dynamical gauge fields with ultracold atoms (Heidelberg University) 30/06/2017 PhD, PostDoc
Trusted randomness derived from quantum optical processes for QC applications 15/06/2017 PhD
Satellite quantum links for secure continental communications 15/06/2017 PhD
Physicist - Super-classical Quantum Annealing - Boston area 25/06/2017 Other, PostDoc
PhD and Master student positions 28/05/2017 Fellowship, Other, PhD
PhD in quantum strategies for super-resolution microscopy 30/06/2017 PhD
Postdoctoral position and PhD position in the group of Quantum Information Theory at Hanyang University in South Korea PhD, PostDoc
Post-doctoral and PhD fellowships in Atomic Physics at Ben-Gurion University, Israel 23/09/2017 PhD, PostDoc
CoQuS Open Call PhD Fellowships 30/06/2017 Fellowship, PhD
PhD Position - Microwave Quantum Backscatter Communication 30/06/2017 PhD
PhD and master positions in Experimental Quantum Optics (Monterrey, México) 10/11/2017 PhD