Title Application deadline Job type
Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship in Quantum Information & Control 02/01/2017 PostDoc
PhD studentship in High-Rate Quantum Communications 08/31/2016 PhD
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Quantum Control / Quantum Information 12/20/2016 Fellowship, PostDoc
PhD position in theoretical quantum optics (University of Paderborn) 12/04/2016 PhD
PhD Studentships in Experimental and Theoretical Quantum Physics - Durham University 01/16/2017 PhD
High Performance Algorithms for Classical Simulation of Quantum Circuits 02/28/2017 PostDoc
Schmid College Teaching and Research Fellows 01/02/2017 PostDoc
PhD position in Theoretical Quantum Optics/Ultrafast Photonics 12/31/2016 PhD
Two visiting foreign professor positions at the Physics Department of the Federal University of Santa Catarina – Florianópolis – Brazil 02/08/2017 Other
Postdoc in Quantum Games / Quantum Walks in Galway 11/30/2016 PostDoc
It from Qubit Fellowship (multiple host institutions possible) 11/15/2016 Fellowship
Funded PhDs and postdoc in mechanical metamaterials (optomechanics, open quantum systems, many-body physics) 11/27/2016 PhD, PostDoc
Currently doing P.hD in Quantum Correlations 11/03/2016 PostDoc, Professorship
PhD in Quantum Information Theory at Warwick 01/09/2017 PhD
Vienna Doctoral Program on Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS) offers new PhD positions 12/04/2016 PhD
The CaNa group in Marseille offers three years PhD fellows and one year Post-Doc (LabEx fellowship) in Quantum Information theory, Quantum Complex Network, Quantum Simulation 12/01/2016 PhD, PostDoc
2PhD+1Postdoc Positions at the Quantum Information Centre of Gdansk - STIQUAC 11/18/2016 PhD, PostDoc
PhD Position at the Quantum Information Centre of Gdansk - QIP Limit 10/28/2016 PhD
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Chancellor's Fellowships at the University of Strathclyde) 11/13/2016 Fellowship, Professorship
Open Faculty Positions at OIST, Japan 10/24/2016 Professorship