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A post doc position is available in the lab of Dr. Louis Bouchard at UCLA to work on magnetic resonance (ESR, NMR) projects related to quantum science. Our group has pioneered the development of magnetic resonance techniques to probe condensed matter phenomena in topological insulators, crystalline insulators, Dirac semimetals, topological superconductors, etc.  Some of these materials are now being developed for topological quantum computing.  In recent years we have also had interest in gas phase diffusion phenomena and associated non-Markovian effects.

(1) The theoretical quantum optics and ultracold atoms group led by Hsiang-Hua Jen is hiring one or two postdoctoral researchers to investigate the subjects of light-matter interactions of quantum interfaces and BEC theory. The group is based at Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences of Academia Sinica (inside National Taiwan Univ.) at Teipei, Taiwan.

(2) The main task of the postdoc involves studies of collective effect in EIT, spin excitations of NV centers, cooperative emissions, or GP equation simulations of spinor BEC.

Faculty of Science, Palacky University in Olomouc is looking for a suitable candidate for a post-doc position:
Place of work: Department of Optics (information about Team is at http://muj.optol.cz/filip/)
Work load: 1,0 (full-time)
Start of job: February 1, 2021 – May 1, 2021
Duration of the contract: 12-24 months (extension possible up to 5 years)
Application deadline: January 31, 2021
Employer web page:
Faculty of Science, Palacky University Olomouc

Job description:
The postdoc will theoretically analyze quantum non-Gaussian states necessary for quantum technology applications, derive measurable criteria for their evaluation and propose new experiments to test them in laboratories. The target is to identify sufficiently robust quantum non-Gaussian features for specific applications and suggest their preparation and verification. The new EXPRO project of Czech Science Foundation will support this activity for five years. The postdoc may collaborate with our trapped-ion laboratory (Dr. Lukas Slodicka). Prof. Dr. Radim Filip will lead the project work and will be a mentor for this position.

Reduction of electronic power consumption and elimination of losses, which cause the generation of parasitic heat, are key for reducing energy demands of digital processes and can be achieved through developing advanced functional materials and novel computational methodologies. This includes paradigms beyond traditional CMOS ‘von Neumann’ computing executing Boolean logic towards quantum computing and is underpinned by new materials.

The University of Stuttgart and the Research Center SCoPE offer 13 PhD positions within the new DFG Research Training Group 2642
“Towards Graduate Experts in Photonic Quantum Technologies.”

Starting date: April 1st 2021
Applications can be submitted at any time until all positions are filled.


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