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The Quantum Information and Communications thematic group of the National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Taiwan is hiring one to two postdoctoral researchers to work on topics pertinent to quantum information and communications. The group is based at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) at Tainan, Taiwan but maintains active international collaborations with prominent researchers from various institutions. The group is part of the National Center for Theoretical Sciences of Taiwan.

Quantum computers promise to deliver strong computational speedups, at least for a few relevant problems. One path towards building a quantum computer is to design a small quantum device and carefully scale it up, this is the so-called monolithic approach. An alternative path is to link small quantum devices via entanglement and create a distributed quantum computer. While this approach has the advantage of sidestepping the need to control very large quantum systems it brings challenges of its own such as the periodic distribution of entanglement.

We invite you to attend an online-only Episode XXIV of Warsaw Quantum Computing Group meetings. On 25.01 at 18:00 CET Dr Victoria Goliber from D-Wave will give a talk: "Advantage, the Latest Generation System from D-Wave".

If you are interested, please register (no later than 24.01, EOD) using the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf8Vu7xvU6M5I2oWt2JbWh489nC7IPS...

Dear Colleagues, 

Please find below the advert for a lecturer position in Physics at the University of Portsmouth.


Could you please advertise it among your group and your colleagues?

The closing date for applications is 5th of February 2021 and interviews will be on the 24th of February 2021.
Best wishes,

We offer a 3.5-years PhD position for a motivated researcher to join our work on spin qubits in silicon carbide (SiC). Colour centres in SiC have recently be shown to uniquely combine excellent spin properties with ultrastable optical transitions for spin-photon interfacing. Our goal is to exploit the technological properties of this semiconductor, with established growth, doping and fabrication, to develop quantum devices to build building blocks for the future Quantum Internet.


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