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We are seeking well-qualified, highly motivated, and dynamic young researchers at the post-doc level in the area of Quantum Machine Learning and optimization of quantum circuits to work at the Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (INMA) https://inma.unizar-csic.es/ .

We invite applications for Postdoc and PhD positions in theoretical quantum optics, quantum information, and quantum many-body physics, in the new research group led by Hannes Pichler at the University of Innsbruck and the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of Austrian Academy of Sciences (Innsbruck/Austria).

QIntern, the summer internship program of the QWorld

QResearch Department of QWorld is looking for mentors willing to conduct projects under the QIntern 2021 program.The scope of the project may cover any quantum-related topic, which includes research, preparing educational materials, developing software, etc. If you’re interested in leading a team, please fill the application form available https://forms.gle/dyJWLBku46adwiVV7.

We are looking for exceptional and motivated candidates for a postdoc position in quantum distributed algorithms. The position is funded by a large grant of the Templeton Fondation (more information here http://www.qiss.fr). Prospect candidates are expected to have strong background in one of the following area: classical distributed algorithms, quantum algorithms, quantum information, especially NISQ approach to quantum computing.

Welcome To Weibo's Group @ NTU, Singapore

We are interested in quantum information and quantum optics research based on solid state systems. Versatile systems including quantum dots, solid state defects and 2D material not only bring rich physics, but can also find their applications in quantum information.

The postdoc position includes:

I. Telecom range quantum emitter towards Practical single photon quantum key distribution, including their coupling to cavities.

II. Quantum sensing with solid state system


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