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Project: The project aims to advance the theory of superconducting processors for accurate modelling. A special focus will be on finding and characterizing the Hamiltonian of a large processor using numerical analysis. This project is part of my commitment to the European Research funding for making 100+ qubits, called OpenSuperQPlus (https://www.opensuperqplus.eu )

2 PhD and 2 PostDoc positions are available in the ion trapping laboratory at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czechia. The positions will be funded within the 5 year Centre of Excellence and are available in the following research directions:
- engineering of quantum nonlinear interactions between photons and phonons in trapped atomic ions,
- realization of the photonic coupling between ions in Paul traps and optically levitated nanoparticles,
- development of the molecular ion source with Helium nanodroplets precooling for quantum logic spectroscopy.


Monday, September 2, 2024 to Friday, September 6, 2024

The Qalypso Summer Schools are a series of Summer schools on quantum theory on the island of Gozo, Malta.

The 2024 edition will feature an Advanced Track on the theme of Precision in Quantum Information & Computation and a Basics Track & Hackathon on Quantum Computation.

Advanced Track Themes :
- Quantum Metrology
- Quantum Clocks & Thermodynamics Uncertainty Relations
- Quantum Error Correction

More information at www.qalypso.info

We propose to study the interaction between mechanical and electronic degrees of freedom using a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) based on a single suspended carbon nanotube. The project can evolve toward two main directions. The first one aims at observing and generating mechanical quantum states of the carbon nanotube such as Schrödinger cat. The other direction focuses on the study of the dynamics of a single molecular magnet [6] using the nanotube-SQUID as an ultra-sensitive magnetometer.

The goal of the project is to study the spin-phonon coupling between a single molecular magnet and the bending modes of a suspended carbon nanotube. A suspended nanotube is a near ideal environment for the spin of the molecule, and it allows to control its phononic environment, which is expected to result in very long coherence time of the molecular spin. This project relies on the realization of a double quantum dot circuit within the carbon nanotube enhancing the scope of experimental exploration, one example being the ground state cooling of the carbon nanotube vibration.


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