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General Atomics (GA) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) are looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral quantum scientist to assist with quantum computing (QC) calculations and algorithm development.

At Riverlane, we design new quantum algorithms and quantum circuits to simulate highly correlated quantum systems using fewer qubits or gates than anyone else. This is core to what we do and we need people who can produce world-leading research in quantum computing. Riverlane is a quantum computing company based in Cambridge, UK.

Key Aspects of the Role

I have an open postdoctoral position in my group at the University of Chicago in the general areas of theoretical quantum condensed matter, quantum optics and quantum information. Topics of interest include dynamics, control, topology and correlations in driven dissipative quantum systems, with a focus on superconducting circuits (circuit QED). More information on the interests of the group can be found at http://clerkgroup.uchicago.edu.

We invite applications for research associate or postdoctoral associate positions in theoretical Quantum Information Science in the Physics Department of Virginia Tech. The focus of these positions will be on quantum simulation of quantum chemistry and other quantum algorithms and on quantum control, with an emphasis on near-term superconducting qubit devices. There will also be an opportunity to test these theoretical results on cloud quantum processors (Virginia Tech is in IBM’s Q Hub, which provides access to 20+ qubit devices).

Postdoc position in the group of Prof. Artur Izmaylov (University of Toronto, Canada) is available in the area of developing Quantum Computing algorithms for simulating Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Dynamics of molecular systems. Current research interests in the group include improving the Variational Quantum Eigensolver approach in various directions: 1) efficient unitary parametrization, 2) continuous non-linear optimization, and 3) projective measurement optimization (see arXiv for publication examples).


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