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The 5th Institute of Physics (University of Stuttgart) is searching for PhD and Postdoc candidates to complete our Quantum Computing team.

In our group, we have started a new project aiming to realize a Quantum Computer Demonstrator with several hundred qubits based on individually controlled Rydberg atoms. In this context, we have openings for PhD candidates and Postdocs with strong background in either atom trapping, complex control engineering, or active optics.

For our group at the University of Siegen (Germany) we are looking for a motivated postdoc and/or PhD student in the field of quantum information theory, foundations of quantum theory, and
quantum optics. The group is led by three PIs (Otfried Gühne, Matthias Kleinmann, and Stefan
Nimmrichter) and the research topics include:

The NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation (https://rqs.umd.edu) seeks exceptional candidates for the RQS Postdoctoral Fellowship. The Institute is led by the University of Maryland and also includes members at Duke, Princeton, North Carolina State, and Yale Universities. Institute researchers use quantum simulation to gain insight into and take advantage of the rich behavior of complex quantum systems.

The Institute of Photonics (IOP) invites applications for the position of a:

Do you have a background in many-body physics, cold atoms or topological phases of matter? Applications are invited to work on a project called "New paradigms of order amidst quantum chaos" funded by Leverhulme Trust. You will work within the Theoretical Physics Group, in the School of Physics and Astronomy, as part of the research team of Dr Zlatko Papic.


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