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We invite you to attend an online-only Episode XXIV of Warsaw Quantum Computing Group
meetings. On 29.03 at 18:00 CET, Kareem H. El-Safty will give a talk: "Yet Another QML Talk".

If you are interested, please register (no later than 28.03, EOD) using the form:

Abstract: Quantum machine learning (QML) is a direct promising application of the emerging quantum computing industry. Yet, many classical machine learning (ML) developers and researchers are not quite familiar with it. Some of them question the entire idea! This talk's aim will focus on bridging the gap between physicists and ML engineers and will try to quantize the ML pipeline as seen by the typical MLOps community. Besides that, it will also present the essence of the quantum phenomenon in QML either using the qubit system or the continuous variable system and how it can be used to further enhance classical ML. Finally, it will present the current status of QML and the unanswered questions.

A fully funded PhD position on multi-scale modeling for quantum computing is open at CEA Grenoble, France. The PhD is expected to start autumn 2021 and lasts three years.

The Quantum Physics group directed by Prof. Luigi Amico at the Quantum Research Center, Technology Innovation Institute recently established in Abu Dhabi (UAE), is seeking to fill a postdoctoral position. Theoretical research will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. Gianluigi Catelani (JARA Institute for Quantum Information, Jülich Research Center, Germany).

QTalks on Quantum Technologies organized by QSB Teditepe

QTurkey Student Branch Yeditepe (QSB Yeditepe), is organizing an international event for Quantum enthusiasts and future engineers! The event will include talks from eight speakers from all over the world.

The event will be broadcasted live on the YouTube channel via Zoom. The invitations will be sent (via Google calendar) to people who fill a registration form for our event: http://bit.ly/qtalksform. Participants will be given certificates and more details can be found in the form.

Universität Hamburg Research Associate for the project "LISA phase readout – Developing a ground-support phasemeter based on MicroTCA" §28 subsection 3 HmbHG Institution: Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences, Department of Physics, Institute of Experimental Physics Salary level: EGR. 13 TV-L Start date: 01.04.2021 or as soon as possible thereafter, fixed until 30.09.2023 (This is a fixed-term contract in accordance with Section 2 of the academic fixed-term labor contract act [Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz, WissZeitVG]) Application deadline: 31.03.2021 Scope of work: full-time position suitable for part-time


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