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The research team “Quantum Chaos in Many-Body Systems”, led by Dario Rosa, is looking for postdoctoral fellows willing to join the group.

The research interests of the group cover several topics, whose common theme is to study how quantum chaos (or its absence) affects the dynamical properties of quantum many-body systems. Among them, the group is currently focusing mostly on the following themes:

The departments of physics and computer science at Leiden university each have a tenure track faculty opening, as part of their research initiative in "Applied Quantum Algorithms". Funding for these two positions comes from the Quantum Delta NL consortium, which joins software and hardware developers at centers in Delft (with QuTech), Amsterdam (with QuSoft), Eindhoven, and Twente.

The NanoQuCo CAM Synergy Grant on New Emerging Scientific Fields (https://www.nanoquco.es) is offering positions for excellent postdoctoral researchers and PhD students to work on the development of quantum technologies, such as quantum computers, sensors and simulators, based on nanophotonic devices.

Talented PhD Students are sought to join the group of A/Prof Alexei Gilchrist at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, to work on projects within theoretical quantum information, and in particular on the characterisation of resourcefulness of quantum measurements and in quantum causal discovery with noisy quantum measurements.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a strong research background and a PhD in quantum information with a focus on quantum algorithms.

Past work in quantum algorithm design and/or quantum machine learning and/or quantum optimization problems and/or quantum chemistry especially with NISQ devices for real world applications will be a strong plus.


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