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The Quantum Information and Computation group at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Innsbruck is looking for a Postdoc to start working on a new ambitious and exciting project. The multidisciplinary scope of this research brings together ideas from artificial intelligence, measurement-based quantum computation and theoretical quantum optics. The ideal candidate has proven expertise in at least two of these fields, and is familiar with numerical simulations and analytics in quantum theory.

A Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) position is available in the area of quantum technologies, supported by EPSRC’s Quantum Communications Hub (https://www.quantumcommshub.net/about-us/). The Hub, led by the University of York, is a major collaboration between several universities and industrial partners and funding has just been announced for five more years. The role of the Hub is to develop new quantum communications technologies as part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

PhD and Postdoc positions (3 years) are available in the newly established Quantum Error Correction group led by Felix Huber at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

We are looking for exceptional candidates with background in quantum information or mathematics, with an interest in theoretical or experimental quantum error correction, entanglement theory, optimization, invariant theory, and/or mathematical physics.

In order to recognize the work of the unsung heroes, developers and maintainers, often unaware of the magnitude of the impact their work is having on the quantum software community, Quantum Open Source Foundation is partnering with Unitary Fund in order to award a US$4000 prizeto a software contributor/maintainer among crowd-sourced nominees. The winner of the prize is going to be selected by the Unitary’s Fund advisory board, which kindly agreed to act as an independent evaluation committee.

BASF SE offers a temporary PhD position from 01.01.2021 that aims at developing workflows for molecular quantum-chemistry applications on quantum computers. In the position, scientific work will be performed at the Ludwigshafen site. Your contract will be with BASF SE as the employer. Co-supervision will take place with the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.


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