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The Department of Mathematics at Nottingham Trent University, UK has a fulltime opening: Research Assistant in Quantum Intelligence. The successful candidate will assist Dr Amir Pourabdollah and Dr Colin Wilmott in undertaking research tasks for the project "QuaNTUm: Exploring Quantum Computing Use Cases for Finance and Healthcare".

Study of fundamental bounds and optimal protocols in quantum metrology in presence of correlated noise models in optical and atomic systems both in single and multiparamter problems.

Within the Villum Center for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (https://qmath.ku.dk/) and the new Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum for Life Center (https://quantumforlife.ku.dk/) there are a number of attractive PhD and Postdoc positions available within the areas of Quantum Information, Quantum Computing, Quantum Simulation and Mathematical Physics.

For more information and application instructions see

The College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst invites applications for tenure-track faculty in the area of Quantum Information Systems. Applicants who work in the areas of quantum communications or networks, and distributed quantum computing are especially encouraged to apply.

Our VCQ-PhD School invites you to become part of an active community of young
scientists with opportunities to do experimental and/or theoretical research at the
forefront of Quantum Science. You will also get to participate in networking events,
international conferences, transferable skills and career development training.



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