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The Quantum Internet research team, co-led by Angela Sara Cacciapuoti and Marcello Caleffi, is looking for postdoctoral fellows willing to join the group with expertise ranging from quantum information theory through quantum information processing to quantum communication theory and quantum networks.

The group is one of the leaders in the area of quantum internet design, and more details can be found in the group web page:

We are seeking to recruit a Postdoctoral Researcher to develop time-resolved quantum metrology approaches for the detection of infrared radiation, working in the Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics Group, led by Matteo Clerici, at the University of Glasgow.
The research will focus on developing a pulsed twin-beam source for time-resolved sub-shot noise differential measurement. The project is in collaboration with industrial partners delivering the balanced detector to be used in the metrology experiments.

Job Posting Title:
Hearne Research Chair in Theoretical Physics (Full Professor with Tenure)


Position Type:

LSUAM Science - Department of Physics and Astronomy (Jeffery C Blackmon Jr. (00011859))

Work Location:
0202 J.W. Nicholson Hall

The Quantum Photonics Laboratory seeks a talented and motivated post-doctoral scientist to act as an Experimental Officer to establish and operate a novel Quantum Magnetometry Facility . This position combines the roles of supporting multiple research projects by different academic users (11 groups have already expressed interest in the facility) and pursuing independent research.

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