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A Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) position is available in the area of quantum technologies, supported by an Innovate UK project Assurance for Quantum Random Number Generators. This project is a major collaboration with several industrial partners. The aim is to work with such companies, studying their current commercial and near commercial quantum random number generators (QRNGs) in order to accurately assess the amount of quantum randomness they are generating.

The School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University (SFU) invites applications for a prestigious Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Quantum Computing. SFU is the host university of the Quantum Algorithms Institute, which is an interdisciplinary, multi-university initiative with an initial investment of $17M committed by the Province of British Columbia. In addition, Vancouver is the home of multiple leading quantum companies such as D-Wave and 1Qbit.

The group of Dr. Animesh Datta at the University of Warwick, UK is seeking a postdoc each each for

1. Quantum-enhanced interferometry for new physics

2. Quantum sensing of complex quantum systems

See here for details.

Starting in October 2021, the group of Dr. Animesh Datta at the University of Warwick, UK is seeking a PhD student each for

1. Quantum-enhanced interferometry for new physics

2. Accreditation of quantum simulators

Exceptional international & EU students can be nominated for scholarships.

See here for details.

The editors of Physical Review A seek a dynamic and personable colleague for the position of Associate Editor. The primary responsibility is to manage the peer review process and decide, aided by expert input, which papers merit publication according to the journal's criteria. The Associate Editor is expected, after an initial training period, to take independent actions on submitted manuscripts.


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