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We are building a new team to develop a cryogenic atomic quantum processor based on strontium atoms in optical tweezers in a 4K environment. The project is embedded in a large concerted effort to build a strontium quantum computing demonstrator (MUNIQC-ATOMS, funded by the German ministry of education and research). The project will start in January 2022 with a time frame of 5 years.

Our Fermion team is looking for a PostDoc to join us in our journey to create an Erbium-Lithium mixture in an optical lattice. We aim to build a novel quantum simulator within the FermiQP project of the German ministry of education and research (https://www.quantentechnologien.de/forschung/foerderung/quantenprozessor...). The position is available from January 2021 for 3.5 years.

Applications are invited for several Postdoctoral Research Associate positions in Quantum Information and Computation at the Department of Mathematics of the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Applicants should

• be mathematicians, theoretical physicists and/or computer scientists

• have a strong background and special interest in theoretical aspects of quantum information
processing/quantum computing

• be willing to contribute to undergraduate math education.

The group of Miguel Navascués at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Vienna (IQOQI-Vienna) is opening two postdoc positions of two years each. The Navascués group works in the interplay between quantum information theory and quantum foundations. Some of the group’s current research directions are the certification of global properties in many-body quantum systems, the realizability of universal devices for time translation and the automated generation of quantum adaptive protocols, see the group’s site for details.

A Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) position is available in the Quantum Communications Hub in experimental Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution (CV-QKD) systems at the University of York, UK. Please see the link below for more details:


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