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Project Description:

The Prins lab, in collaboration with the group of Carlos Antón Solanas (https://www.antonsolanaslab.com) is offering a fully funded 4-year PhD-positions at the Condensed Matter Physics Center of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). The position is offered in the scope of the ERC-CoG EnVision project, focused on enabling controlled energy transport in semiconductors using a range of state-of-the-art time resolved microscopy techniques.

Project Description:

The Polytechnic University of Bari (Italy) is hiring a postdoctoral researcher in quantum information theory.

We welcome applications from motivated candidates with track-record in any area of quantum information theory, including mathematical and foundational aspects, quantum communication theory, quantum cryptography, quantum metrology, quantum computing and machine learning.

Applications are invited for a PhD position in theoretical quantum physics, to start between March 2024 and September 2024. The position will be hosted by the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS) and the student will be registered in Trinity College Dublin (TCD). The position is fully funded for 4 years.

Research area
The position is funded by the SFI Pathways project “Robust and resource-efficient quantum metrology”. There will be opportunities to work on a range of topics including (but not limited to):

We look for talented and motivated candidates with experience in open quantum systems, quantum information or computing, and/or statistical physics, for joining us with a postdoctoral research position at the Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems IFISC (UIB-CSIC), Palma, Mallorca (Spain).


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