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Have you recently finished your PhD in Quantum Computing?
Would you like to apply your expertise to address problems for space and Earth?

We're hiring at European Space Agency - ESA Φ-lab!

Research Fellow (post-doc) opportunity in #QC4EO Quantum Computing for Earth Observation at https://bit.ly/3ieopSk before 28 June 2021(Ref ID 12498).

The “Theory of Light-Matter and Quantum Phenomena” team (see https://sites.google.com/site/mauroantezza/home for more information) at the Laboratory Charles Coulomb in Montpellier (France) il looking for a highly motivated post-doc researcher which will work on the theory of the Casimir effect and of the Radiative Heat Transfer in nanostructured systems, in close collaboration with international experimental teams. The 2-years postdoc position is already available.

The theory group at the Institute for Quantum Information of the Jülich-Aachen Reasearch Alliance (JARA) is looking for highly motivated candidates to fill a fully-funded PhD position over the next few months. The doctoral degree will be awarded by RWTH University in Aachen and the research is conducted at Forschungszentrum Jülich.

We are currently hiring for two roles at Nu Quantum. These are :

- Photonics Engineer
- Detector Scientist

All roles are based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

About us: What we do at Nu Quantum

Illuminating the quantum revolution.


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