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The goal of this PhD project in theoretical quantum information with bosonic (continuous-variable) systems is to explore new ways to quantify the resourcefulness of bosonic states and operations, in regard to their capability to provide quantum advantage for computation. Several measures allowing to quantify the amount of resourcefulness exist. Many of them were inspired by quantum optics for the choice of the experimentally accessible operations. With this PhD work, we wish to connect to the current experimental capabilities in microwave devices, and to provide new measures of resourcefulness that are rather inspired by microwave experimental capabilities.

We look for an excellent academic talent in the broad intersection between quantum information, mathematics and computer science. You will be given resources to start your own group at Chalmers, which can be placed either at the Department of Mathematical Sciences or the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. There will be ample opportunities to interact with the ongoing long-term effort to build a superconducting quantum computer at Chalmers as well as the companies connected to this project.

Fully funded PhD positions are available at the Department of Mathematics at the University of York. In particular, students intereseted in pursuing a PhD in quantum information and foundations are welcome to apply with the quantum information and foundations group. Possible research directions include (but are not limited to) Bell non-locality and device-independence, causality and contextuality, randomness and quantum cryptography, foil theories of quantum mechanics, quantum measurement theory, and convex optimisation.

Two post-doctoral positions are open at the CEA Grenoble (France) on the modelling of Si MOS and Si/SiGe spin quantum bits (qubits). The positions will remain open until filled, and have a duration of up to 2 years.
Specific details for each position are provided below. Please clearly indicate in your application the specific position to which you are applying.

We are seeking a talented and motivated postdoctoral researcher to work in the field of quantum information theory in the group led by prof. R. Augusiak (https://www.cft.edu.pl/grupa-naukowa/quantum-information). The position will be based in the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (Poland) and is funded by the National Science Center within the SONATA BIS project Characterization and certification of quantum resources.


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