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Two postdoctoral Research Assistant positions are available in the Quantum Computation and Quantum Information research group at the University of Bristol. These positions are associated with a recently funded £1M EPSRC Fellowship "New insights in quantum algorithms and complexity".

PhD scholarships are available at Macquarie University Research Centre in Quantum Science and Technology (QSciTech) at Macquarie University via the APA scholarship scheme (deadline 30th June 2014). The 2014 APA full-time stipend rate is $25,392 pa tax exempt. QSciTech is in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, but this is a multidisciplinary topic, and we also invite applications from students with degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics or Engineering.

Prof. Marek Żukowski from the University of Gdańsk and Prof. Harald Weinfurter from the University of Munich have been named as the recipients of the fifth edition of the COPERNICUS Polish-German Scientific Award, presented by the Foundation for Polish Science and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The recipients were awarded the distinction for the research they have conducted jointly in quantum physics.

Fellow in Experimental Entangled Photon Systems

One position is available for a postdoctoral fellow to develop robust entangled photon systems.

The team of Alexander Ling is working on space-based quantum communication experiments which involve the operation of entangled photon systems on earth-orbiting satellites. A postdoctoral position is available within the scientific team to lead the development of next generation compact and bright entangled photon systems that can work reliably in robust

In the theory group of Prof. Uwe R. Fischer at Seoul National University, there is an opening for a Postdoc position for one year, with a possible extension by another year. The research topic, broadly construed, is quantum state transfer in hybrid quantum systems, e.g., constructed from SQUIDs and BECs/Rydberg atoms. Inter alia, the influence of dissipation and the realization of universal quantum gates will be investigated.


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