PhD (seven) and PostDoc (four) positions in the fields of Cold Atoms and Experimental Quantum Computing (Russia, Moscow)

The National Quantum Laboratory and Laboratory of Cold Atoms at Russian Quantum Center (RQC, Moscow) announces seven PhD and four PostDocs positions opened.

The project is a part of the grand roadmap (DOI: 10.1088/2058-9565/ab4472/ab4472) on establishing quantum computing technologies in Russia. An employee will be involved in development of a Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum computer based on an array of single trapped cold Rubidium atoms. The resultant set-up is assumed to have several dozens of quantum gates and ability to perform the state of the art quantum algorithms computations.
Current lab's tasks are related to both experimental and applied computations problems, i.e. building a couple of vacuum chambers, implementing magneto-optical trapping and multiple dipole traps for an array of Rubidium atoms, estimations of operational parameters for accurate excitation conditions and light-matter efficient interaction for realizing single- and two-qubit gates, and adopting conventional quantum computing algorithms for the currently existing set-up's interface.

Besides variety of Research & Development tasks, we will be glad to offer you the following work conditions:
1) Fully equipped modern laboratory starting since July of coming year (2021)
2) Competitive salary. Basic salary starts from 80,000 RUB and 150,000 RUB for a PhD student and a PostDoc, respectively. The salary might be enhanced depending on interview results.
3) The great infrastructure of the host institution (RQC). Modern equipped lecture halls and offices. RQC National Laboratory shares the same building with Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology which promotes your horizon on possible research collaboration in future.

Notes for PhD students:
The academic enrolment will be done based on Moscow State University, though we are intended to make negotiations with both Skolkovo Institute and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in order to extend existing choice.

Note for PostDocs:
The contract can be signed for a long term after a successful interview and probing term.

Interested candidates can direct their emails (with subject "vacancy for QС") to Dr. Stanislav Straupe ( attaching:
1) academic CV
2) research statement (optional)
We also expect you to write to us a line or two instead of “motivation letter”.