Research associate position in experimental quantum communications

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Background information-- The NRC is Canada’s federal research and technology organization. The AMO physics team at NRC has a long history of scientific excellence dating from the foundational work of Gerhard Herzberg. The team currently consists of active theoretical and experimental staff scientists with expertise in ultrafast femto- and attosecond physics, nonlinear optics, quantum optics, quantum electronics, fibre photonics and related fields. The team benefits from strong collaborations between its experimental and theoretical members, with vibrant national and international university collaborations. It pursues strong fundamental research and relevant technology development within a context of opportunities of national significance.

Objective-- The first and main objective of the project is to establish a secure free-space quantum communication link between across the city of Ottawa. The candidate will work with a group at NRC (Khabat Heshami, Duncan England) and University of Ottawa (group of Prof. Ebrahim Karimi). The same group successfully demonstrated high dimensional quantum key distribution within the campus of University of Ottawa over 300 meters. The candidate would benefit from the existing knowledge, equipment, and support from the group of Prof. Karimi at the University of Ottawa. The quantum communication protocols will rely on spatial degrees of
freedom of structured photons; where advanced methods such as adaptive optics will be used to compensate for effects of turbulence. Successful execution of this step will enable us to expand this research platform to a network with more than two nodes that would allow us to demonstrate more sophisticated arrangements (allowing device-independent protocols) while offering unconditional security. The candidate will be encouraged to pursue their own ideas and interact more broadly with potential collaborators.

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