quantum sensing

We offer a 2-years PhD position (with possible extension) for a motivated researcher to join our work on adaptive quantum sensing. Our goal is to develop an automatic quantum sensor, based on a single spin in diamond, enhanced by machine learning algorithms. The sensor will automatically optimize its settings to operate in conditions of maximum sensitivity, minimizing the estimation times.

Le français suit

Postdoctoral Fellow, Quantum Frequency translation

City: Ottawa
Organizational Unit: Security and Disruptive Technologies, Advanced Electronics and Photonics
Classification: RO
Tenure: Term
Duration: 2 years
Language Requirements: English

The NRC Advantage

We at Atomionics are actively expanding our team as we develop the next generation of quantum sensing systems. Atomionics is building portable atom interferometry based sensing solutions using laser cooled atoms for navigation and resource exploration.
There are currently openings for FOUR 3-6 month long internship/apprenticeship positions under the Singapore Government Summation program.
Job descriptions and application instructions - bit.ly/Atomionics-intern

The lab of Victor Acosta (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA) seeks to hire two postdoctoral researchers for projects developing quantum sensors, based on diamond NV centers, for applications in NMR spectroscopy and magnetic microscopy.

The Quantum Technologies Group at the University of Tennessee (http://quantum.utk.edu) is accepting applications for postdoctoral positions to start Fall 2019. We are particularly interested in candidates with experience in quantum sensing and applications. The positions are for two years with a possible extension to three years and limited to US citizens. If you are interested in applying, please send a current CV, list of publications, a research proposal, and the names of three references.


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