Titlesort ascending Application deadline Job type
PhD opportunities in Galway (deadline 12 march!) 11/03/2013 PhD
Phd on the theory of quantum many body systems 01/05/2016 PhD
PhD on the modelling of silicon and germanium spin qubits 30/06/2023 PhD
PhD on shallow NV-centers in diamond 27/02/2014 PhD
PhD on semiconductor devices for quantum networking 31/01/2021 PhD
PhD on Quantum simulation and Tensor Networks at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland 31/03/2022 PhD
PhD on Multiphoton Quantum Information and Sensing (deadline May 4, 2021) 04/05/2021 PhD
PhD industrial scholarship - software techniques for efficient simulation of quantum circuits 31/12/2016 PhD
PhD in theory on "Quantum information and quantum technologies" in Bilbao, Spain 30/08/2011 PhD
PhD in Theoretical Quantum Optics of Ultracold Quantum Gases and Nanostructures (Oxford) 08/03/2012 PhD
PhD in theoretical quantum algorithms/complexity/photonics 10/01/2023 PhD
PhD in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics/Quantum Optics PhD
PhD in the Quantum Light and Matter Group, Trinity College Dublin 28/02/2023 PhD
PhD in Satellite Quantum Key Distribution and Communication 13/09/2019 PhD
PhD in quantum strategies for super-resolution microscopy 30/06/2017 PhD
PhD in quantum simulation 25/01/2023 PhD
PhD in quantum sensing and metrology (quantum Radar) 30/06/2017 PhD
PhD in Quantum optomechanics with photonic crystal cavities @TU Delft PhD
PhD in Quantum open systems/Quantum information theory at Center For Theoretical Physics PAS (Warsaw) 18/08/2020 PhD
PhD in Quantum many-body physics and machine learning at Vector Institute and University of Waterloo PhD