Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
Postdoctoral Position in Mathematical Physics (Random Matrices) PostDoc
Masters/PhD positions in theoretical quantum computing at the University of Paderborn, Germany Other, PhD
Postdoc in Quantum Control with Rydberg Atoms PostDoc
PhD/postdoc positions at the Institute for Quantum Information, Aachen, Germany PhD, PostDoc
Quantum scientist in algorithms & applications Other
PostDoc at KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany) in the field of quantum plasmonics or quantum optics at the nanoscale PostDoc
Two Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental Quantum Optics and Quantum Information with Cold Atoms at LKB, Paris PostDoc
Postdoctoral and PhD positions opening at Technical University Munich PhD, PostDoc
Post Doc Theoretical quantum Optics and the Niels Bohr institute PostDoc
The BlinQC: various PhD and Postdoctoral positions available PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc position with Christoph Simon (Calgary) PostDoc
Experimental Implementation of quantum complex networks via multimode quantum optics at LKB Paris PostDoc
Experimental and theoretical postdoc positions in quantum dot qubits PostDoc
2 PostDoc Positions in Quantum Optics PostDoc
[PhD] Remote entanglement stabilization for superconducting qubits PhD
PhD position in Amsterdam PhD
Open position as Postdoctoral Researcher at CNR Catania (Italy) PostDoc
Institute for Quantum Computing Postdoctoral Fellowship PostDoc
Quantum Error Correction Researcher Other
PhD in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics/Quantum Optics PhD