Title Application deadline Job type
PostDoc position Study of magic and magic-zero wavelength in optical lattice clocks with blue-detuned lattice 28/02/2018 PostDoc
Phd position in Quantum Error Correction in Grenoble Alpes University (CEA/LIG) 11/04/2018 PhD
PostDoc positions in experimental quantum optics and quantum information processing in KIST, Korea 31/03/2018 PostDoc
Post-doc position QUANTERA Quantum Simulation of lattice gauge theories 15/03/2018 PostDoc
Two postdoctoral positions in thermodynamics of quantum non-equilibrium systems at Trinity College Dublin 31/03/2018 PostDoc
PhD position in thermodynamics of quantum non-equilibrium steady states at Trinity College Dublin 31/03/2018 PhD
Experimental Quantum Information Processing with single atoms in optical cavities (MPQ, Garching, Germany) PhD, PostDoc
Three postdoctoral positions in theoretical quantum information science, Fudan University, Shanghai 31/01/2018 PostDoc
Postdoctoral fellowship in fault-tolerant quantum computing (CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France) 31/01/2018 PostDoc
PhD position at the University of Technology Sydney 14/01/2018 PhD
Ph. D. student in theoretical quantum optics / condensed matter 15/01/2018 PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard 15/01/2018 PostDoc
PhD position in Quantum Photonics at Stockholm University 18/01/2018 PhD
Experimental Quantum Optics 21/01/2018 PostDoc
Postdoc in theory of open quantum systems / quantum control 15/01/2018 PostDoc
TheBlinQC 3-years Post-doctoral Fellowship at IT Lisbon 26/01/2018 PostDoc
PhD fellowship at the University of Technology Sydney 01/10/2018 PhD
PhD-Position at the University of Münster (Germany), Developing didactical concepts for integrated quantum technology 21/01/2018 PhD
The BlinQC: various PhD and Postdoctoral positions available PhD, PostDoc