Quinfog is an emerging group on Quantum Information and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics based at the Instituto de Fisica Fundamental in the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). It currently includes three staff members from CSIC, plus a similar number of PhD students and affiliated members from other institutions. Our research focuses on four areas: Quantum Technologies, Relativistic Quantum Information, Quantum Correlations and Quantum Simulation. For further information and job opportunities contact the staff at our webpage.

Theory group in Quantum Information and Computation comprising of two members actively doing research in Quantum Channels, Decoherence free subspaces, Quantum Error correction, etc related to Quantum Communication, Entanglement studies.
Other members works in Topological Quantum Computation, fundamentals of quantum mechanics.

Research interests

Continuous variable entanglement

Mutipartite entanglement and distribution of entanglement

Quantum state reconstruction

Controlled collisions of atoms in Bose Einstein Condensates

Fundamental issues on quantum information


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