Head: Emili Bagan Capella

1. Quantum state estimation.

2. Characterization of entanglement: quantitative and qualitative measures. Detection of entanglement using witness operators. Characterization of entanglement in strongly correlated systems.

3. Bell inequalities and foundations of Quantum Mechanics.

4. Implementations of Quantum Computation and Quantum Algorithms in physical systems: angular momentum of photons. Continous variables systems, microtraps with cold atoms...
Permanent Staff

Lluis Ametller

Emili Bagan

Marià Baig

Head: Artur Ekert
Institution: Centre for Quantum Computation , DAMTP Wilberforce Road Cambridge CB3 0WA, U.K.
E-mail: K.K.Hampson (at)

quantum cryptography, quantum computing, quantum information science, entanglement and nonlocality theory, topological quantum computation, quantum foundations

Permanent Staff
Nilanjana Datta

Artur Ekert
Adrian Kent
Johan Aberg
Dimitris Angelakis
Garry Bowen
Matthias Christandl
Roger Colbeck
Marie Ericsson
Berry Groisman
Lawrence Ioannou
Alastair Kay
Lluis Masanes
Graeme Mitchison

Our research center has a pursuing and vigorous research program in the theory of quantum information and quantum computation. We put emphasis on high-quality training of talented undergraduate and graduate students. RCQI ranks among the top research groups in Slovakia and has established collaborations with numerous research and educational institutions across Europe and North America.

We are working on:
* Quantum programming languages
* Quantum games
* Geometry of quantum states
* Simulations of quantum computing

* Ryszard Winiarczyk (head of the group)
* Jerzy Klamka
* Piotr Gawron
* Jarosław Adam Miszczak
* Zbigniew Puchała
* Krzysztof Domino (post-doc)
* Przemysław Sadowski (PhD student)
* Łukasz Pawela (PhD student)
* Dariusz Kurzyk (PhD student)
* Adam Glos (MSc student)
* Mateusz Ostaszewski (MSc student)


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