PhD Position

PhD position in CQT Singapore in “Quantum computation and quantum simulation with quantum optical systems”

The positions are within the Quantum Optics and Quantum Simulators Group lead by Dr. Dimitris G. Angelakis in the Centre of Quantum Technologies (

SUSTech's Quantum Information Group

The group offers Full Scholarship PhD position for joint program opportunities with NUS, HKU, HKUST, University of Warwick, University of LEEDS, University of Birmingham. A student will be conferred a single PhD degree by the corresponding collaboration university.

The group focuses on the following topics:

Quantum Simulation and Computation
Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Information Theory
Quantum Communication
Computational Complexity of Physics and Chemistry

Early applications for 2017/2018 are now invited for PhD positions at the HKU CS Department, with opening in the Quantum Information, Foundations, and Technologies Group.
The deadline is September 1st 2016.
More information and the application form can be found at the link:

We are searching for two highly motivated researchers to join us as Postdoctoral Fellows in the areas of Quantum Information Science and Quantum Foundations.

I offer a 32-month position for a Ph.D. student, as a part of the Polish National Center for Science grat "Quantum multi-level systems: from simpler description to more advanced experiments". The Ph.D. student will be awarded a stipend of 3000 PLN (750 USD) monthly, with an extension dependent on receiving further funding. Concerning low costs of life in Poland, this amount is sufficient for survival. The grant is realized in Gdansk, Poland.


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