Title Application deadline Job type
Theoretical Chemist / Senior Developer Quantum Computing (m/f/d) 31/03/2022 Other
PhD in Molecular Spins for Quantum Computing (INPhINIT fellowship) 25/11/2021 Fellowship, PhD
PhD in Electrical control of probabilistic bits in chiral molecules (INPhINIT fellowship) 27/01/2022 Fellowship, PhD
PhD positions on quantum technology with spin qubits 31/12/2021 PhD
PhD position on machine learning for quantum sensing 31/12/2021 PhD
Postdoctoral and PhD positions in non-equilibrium quantum many-body theory (Mainz) PhD, PostDoc
PostDoc Position @ TU Munich: Simulation of Authentication and Data Storage with Quantum Tokens 31/12/2021 PostDoc
Postdoc / quantum software engineer in device characterization and error-mitigation 31/01/2022 Other, PostDoc
Quantum Computing Scientist (m/f/d) 16/11/2021 Other
Quantum Computing Scientist - Machine Learning (m/f/d) 16/11/2021 Other
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Quantum Computing/Quantum Information Theory at QICI, HKU CS 31/03/2022 Professorship
PhD position in quantum cellular automata and quantum neural networks 15/12/2021 PhD
MPL-JGU Postdoc in QOptics/Cond Mat PostDoc
PhD and PostDoc positions at TU Munich 30/11/2021 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc and PhD positions at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 01/04/2022 PhD, PostDoc
PostDoc on quantum annealing at Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences 17/12/2021 PostDoc
PostDoc on non-equalibrium quantum many-body physics at Jagiellonian University in Krakow 11/03/2022 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Quantum Intelligence 21/11/2021 Fellowship, Other
Post-Doc Position in Theoretical Quantum Metrology at the University of Warsaw 15/12/2021 PostDoc
PhD and Postdoc positions - Quantum Information & Computation@Copenhagen 15/11/2021 PhD, PostDoc