Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoc Positions in Quantum Optics & AMO (IQC, University of Waterloo) 31/10/2014 PostDoc
Research Fellow in theoretical quantum optics and cold atomic physics 24/07/2014 PostDoc
Post-doctoral Fellowship in Lisbon 24/07/2014 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Theory of Control and Quantum State Measurement in Superconducting Circuits 15/07/2014 PostDoc
Research Fellow in theoretical quantum many-body physics 17/07/2014 PostDoc
Post-doctoral fellowships in Atomic Physics at Ben-Gurion University, Israel 14/07/2014 PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar in Laser Cooling and Trapping 30/07/2014 PostDoc
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in theoretical atomic and molecular physics at Queen's University Belfast 22/06/2014 Professorship
PhD position in many-body physics with Rydberg atoms 29/09/2015 PhD
PhD and postdoc positions at CWI PhD, PostDoc
Lectureship Department of Mathematics and Physics, Aberystwyth 08/06/2014 Professorship
Postdocs at Bristol in the theory of quantum computation 25/06/2014 PostDoc
PhD in Quantum Algorithms at Macquarie University, Australia 29/06/2014 PhD
Post-doc in Experimental Quantum Optics PostDoc
Quantum State Transfer in Hybrids 30/12/2014 PostDoc
Quantum communication technologies 18/06/2014 PhD
Quantum Information Theory + High Energy Physics 17/05/2014 PhD
Research Associate in Quantum Coherance in Non-equilibrium Light Matter Systems 28/04/2014 PostDoc
Postdoc and PhD positions: Efficient Characterization of Large Quantum Systems 15/05/2014 PhD, PostDoc
PostDoc position in Quantum Technologies 29/05/2014 PostDoc