Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoc position in atomic physics - Nicolaus Copernicus University 09/01/2019 PostDoc
PhD position on Quantum algorithms and complexity, at CWI Amsterdam 02/09/2019 PhD
Postdoctoral Fellowship on Solid-State Quantum Memory with Nuclear Spins - University of Cambridge 15/09/2019 Fellowship, PostDoc
Postdoc position in experimental quantum technologies 18/08/2019 PostDoc
Experimental PostDoc Position - Tulane University in New Orleans 15/08/2019 PostDoc
Ph.D. and Postdoc positions: Superconducting circuits, opto and electromechanics, photon conversion 16/08/2019 PhD, PostDoc
Post-doctoral Researcher for Foundational Underpinnings of Quantum Technologies group, ICTQT, UG 16/09/2019 PostDoc
Post-doctoral Researcher for Quantum Open Systems group, ICTQT, UG 16/09/2019 PostDoc
PhD position: "CMOS-SPAD camera for entangled photon detection" 22/08/2019 PhD
Quantum Memories for Space, DLR Berlin, Germany 31/07/2019 PhD
PhD and postdoc position on theory of mediated dynamics (University of Gdańsk, Poland) 31/07/2019 PhD, PostDoc
Research Fellow in Quantum Computing 08/09/2019 PostDoc
Postdoctoral research fellow | Nonlinear Quantum Operations with Light 31/07/2019 PostDoc
PhD and postdoctoral positions at Institute for Theoretical Physics, Ulm 01/09/2019 PhD, PostDoc
Positions open in Center for Quantum Computing, Shenzhen China 31/12/2019 Other, PostDoc, Professorship
Postdoctoral position in quantum information in Berlin 20/08/2019 PostDoc
Research Associate in Quantum System Identification in UNSW Canberra, Australia 21/07/2019 PostDoc
Research Associate in Quantum Estimation in UNSW Canberra, Australia 30/07/2019 PostDoc
Scientia PhD position 12/07/2019 PhD
PhD position on telecom-wavelength spin qubits 12/07/2019 PhD