Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoc in quantum error correction theory at Sheffield 07/07/2018 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 14/07/2018 Fellowship, PostDoc
Postdoc position at Max-Planck Institute Erlangen, Germany 31/08/2018 PostDoc
Research Scientist (multiple levels) - Tensor Networks/Hamiltonian Complexity/Machine Learning PostDoc
PhD position on architectures for distributed quantum computation (joint QuTech@Delft QuSoft@Amsterdam position) 30/08/2018 PhD
Experimental Quantum Physicist / Engineer 01/07/2018 Other, PostDoc, Professorship
Associate/Assistant Professor at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan 17/07/2018 Professorship
PhD Fellowship in Tensor Networks/Hamiltonian Complexity 11/06/2018 Fellowship, PhD
PhD student position at FU Berlin in engineered quantum systems 10/06/2018 PhD
PhD Fellowship in Quantum Optics (theory/experiment – Skoltech/MSU) 09/06/2018 Fellowship, PhD
PostDoc in the theory of ultra-cold gases 15/06/2018 PostDoc
Senior Researcher and MSc/PhD stipends available at “A next-generation worldwide quantum sensor network with optical atomic clocks” 22/05/2018 Other, PhD, PostDoc
post-doc position in quantum information and condensed matter theory in South Korea 14/05/2018 PostDoc
Group leaders at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies, University of Warsaw 11/06/2018 Fellowship, Other, Professorship
4 PhD Positions in Informatics / Computer Science, Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, Norway 02/06/2018 PhD
PhD Fellowships in Quantum Theory and Machine Learning Fellowship, PhD
Research Associate in Quantum Computing (Quantum Error Correction) - London 06/01/2018 PostDoc
MSc Fellowships in Quantum Computer Science Fellowship
Quenched Quantum Gases / Quantum Simulation (Numerical/Theoretical) 24/05/2018 PostDoc
Machine Learning for Physics - Postdoc and PhD positions 31/12/2018 PostDoc