Title Application deadline Job type
PhD scholarship on Multi-Qubit Quantum Photonic Devices 30/11/2019 PhD
PhD scholarship on Optomechanics with Quantum Emitters 30/11/2019 PhD
Experimental Physicist 06/12/2019 Other
Post-doctoral position in theoretical ultra- cold atomic physics at IISER Bhopal 15/01/2020 PostDoc
Multiple QIS Faculty Positions at UIUC 01/12/2019 Professorship
Postdoctoral researcher in physics – theoretical quantum optics / condensed matter 12/12/2019 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in quantum information at the Center for Theoretical Physics (Warsaw, Poland) - deadline extended 02/01/2020 PostDoc
Open rank faculty position in theoretical quantum information science 18/11/2019 Professorship
IQ Postdoctoral Fellowship 30/11/2019 Fellowship
Optical atomic clocks and precision metrology 31/01/2020 PostDoc
Optical atomic clocks and precision metrology 31/01/2020 PhD
Two PhD positions at University of Warwick 15/01/2020 PhD
Two postdoctoral positions in theoretical and computational AMO Physics at the HCTPA (Haifa Research Center for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics) 20/02/2020 PostDoc
Postdoc in Theoretical Quantum Computer Science 27/11/2019 PostDoc
Postdoc on Quantum Thermodynamics 03/01/2020 PostDoc
High-Performance Computing Specialist 29/11/2019 Other
Research Associate in Quantum Imaging at Imperial College London 21/11/2019 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position PostDoc
PhD position in Quantum Sensing and Optical Magnetometry at the University of Nottingham (UK) 01/04/2020 PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate 14/11/2019 PostDoc