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Staff Members

- Prof G Adesso
- Dr M Guta
- Dr T Tufarelli

4VBC is a tabular decision procedure for propositional, modal, and deontic logic. Unlike standard truth tables constructed upon T and F or 1 and 0, 4VBC is built from the 2-bit code 00, 10, 01, and 11.

The code is defined: 00 Void; 01 True; 10 False; 11 Not void.

The easiest way to understand 4VBC is to see how its values are applied to proof tables. The table for binary conjunction comes out:

p AND Not-p
01 01 01
10 00 01
01 00 10
10 10 10

Instead of false the second and fourth rows of the 4VBC proof table gives void as its result. This, however, is not especially exciting.

We study how to exploit quantum effects to realize new information tasks without classical analog. From a pure theoretical point of view, we aim at establishing a series of laws governing the inter-conversion of the different information resources appearing in Quantum Information Theory, such as classical and quantum bits, secret bits and, especially, entanglement. We also study how to adapt all these theoretical results to what is feasible in the lab.

We work in classical and quantum information processing principles with expertise in coding theory and its wide variety of applications in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


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