Titlesort descending Application deadline Job type
4 PhD Positions in Informatics / Computer Science, Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, Norway 03/06/2018 PhD
4-year PhD position in quantum algorithms @ Abu Dhabi 02/05/2022 Fellowship, PhD
6-years Researcher Position at the Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group, Lisbon 07/12/2018 PostDoc
A PhD and a Postdoctoral position on Quantum Science and Technology at the University of Luxembourg 20/11/2020 PhD, PostDoc
A PhD position in Germany (RWTH Aachen & Forschungszentrum Jülich) 01/02/2022 PhD
A PhD position in nonequilibrium quantum thermodynamics and information in Germany 01/04/2022 PhD
A PhD position in Quantum Computing and Physical Devices in Germany 05/06/2017 PhD
A PhD position in quantum computing technology and information theory 01/04/2022 PhD
A PhD position – JARA Institute for Quantum Information (RWTH Aachen & Forschungszentrum Jülich), Germany 30/05/2021 PhD
A Postdoc or Staff Scientist in Cold/Rydberg Atom Physics 29/02/2020 PostDoc
A postdoc/PhD student position in Germany PhD, PostDoc
A postdoctoral position in QIT@KAIST, South Korea 07/08/2020 PostDoc
A QUantum Integrated Light and Matter Interface - Experimental Postdoc Position 16/09/2014 PostDoc
A tensor network approach to the quantum many body problem, shared PhD between Strathclyde and ICFO 18/04/2017 PhD
A theoretical physics postdoc position at Los Alamos National Laboratory 15/02/2019 PostDoc
Ad Astra Fellows (Assistant Professorships) University College Dublin 14/02/2022 Fellowship, Professorship
Adaptive learning for spin-based quantum imaging 11/12/2022 PostDoc
Adjunct scientist – postdoctoral fellow in AMO physics 28/02/2022 Fellowship, PostDoc
Algebraic Geometry methods for Matrix Product States 14/02/2019 PostDoc
Algebraic Geometry methods for Matrix Product States 26/05/2020 PostDoc