Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoc position in theoretical QIS (C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook University) 30/11/2013 PostDoc
PhD Scholarship in quantum random walks / quantum game theory (Galway) 17/11/2013 PhD
Research Associate and Project fellow positions in "Topology, quantum computation and spintronics with Dirac materials" 14/11/2013 PhD, PostDoc
Researcher in quantum cryptography (postdoc; three years) 31/10/2013 PostDoc
PhD Position at the University of Granada (Spain) ERC-StG Project TRAPSENSOR PhD
Chair in Quantum Information Technology (Theoretical) 02/11/2013 Professorship
Postdoctoral Fellowships at the Institute for Quantum Computing 31/10/2013 PostDoc
Research Associate in Quantum Coherence in Non-equilibrium Light Matter Systems 29/09/2013 PostDoc
Postdoc on Relativistic Quantum Information 30/10/2013 PostDoc
Post-doc position on "Dynamical Casimir and Casimir-Polder effect with Rydberg atoms" at the University of Palermo, Italy 05/09/2013 PostDoc
PhD Scholarship in the Engineering of Quantum Sensors and Networks 20/04/2017 PhD
Theoretical post-doc position for efficient generation of indistinguishable photon at room temperature in Institute Néel, France PostDoc
Post-doc position in theory of quantum information thermodynamics in Institute Néel, Grenoble, France 30/09/2013 PostDoc
PhD projects in “Theoretical quantum optics and quantum many body dynamics” in CQT Singapore 09/09/2013 PhD
Postdoc position in theoretical quantum optics and quantum simulations of many body effects, in CQT Singapore 09/09/2013 PostDoc
PhD Position on Quantum Information and Strongly Correlated Systems at GICC, Univ. Complutense Madrid 09/09/2013 PhD
Oxford Martin School Postdoctoral Research Assistant 03/10/2013 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Non-Equilibrium Phenomena in Many-body Systems (Fixed term) 27/09/2013 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Computational Quantum Condensed Matter Phyiscs (Fixed term) 27/09/2013 PostDoc
Experimental PhD and Postdoc positions - Ultracold atoms in non-standard optical lattices at ICFO, Barcelona 29/09/2013 PostDoc