Title Application deadline Job type
Post-doctoral Research Associates in Quantum Computing, Quantum Information Theory & Foundations 30/08/2010 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Relativistic Quantum Information 04/08/2010 PostDoc
Postdoctoral research positions (Universidad de Concepción - Chile) 14/09/2010 PostDoc
Postdoctoral research position in quantum optics with atomic ensembles (QOAE) 14/07/2010 PostDoc
Postdoctoral research position in Solid State Quantum Memories (SSQM) 14/07/2010 PostDoc
International PhD Project: Physics of Future Quantum-Based Information Technologies 13/06/2010 PhD
Post -doc position at the atom chip lab in Israel PostDoc
ERCIM "Alain Bensoussan" Fellowship Programme 29/04/2010 PostDoc
Two PhD Positions in Logics for Quantum Interaction (Univ. of Groningen, Netherlands) 06/06/2010 PhD
Open Post-Doc Position in Logics for Quantum Interaction (University of Groningen, Netherlands) 06/06/2010 PostDoc
PhD Fellowship-Contract MICINN-FPI 2010 21/02/2010 PhD
Open Call for 2010 to the Vienna Doctoral Program on Complex Quantum Systems 14/04/2010 PhD
PhD positions - Quantum Many-Body Systems Division (Prof. Bloch) 30/01/2010 PhD
Several open PhD and Post-Doctoral positions 30/03/2010 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical Quantum Information at Harvard University PostDoc
Scientific IT Specialist PhD, Other
Postdoctoral and PhD positions PostDoc
Postdoctoral positions in quantum information PostDoc
Nottingham Anne McLaren Fellowship 2010 - CALL FOR FEMALE POSTDOCS Fellowship
Nottingham Advance Research Fellowship 2010 - CALL FOR POSTDOCS Fellowship