Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoc position in Quantum Information at Queen's University Belfast 03/05/2012 PostDoc
CQT Postdoctoral Positions in “Theoretical quantum optics and quantum simulations of many body effects” 06/04/2012 PostDoc
PhD position in Quantum physics of indirect excitons in microscopic traps 29/04/2012 PhD, Fellowship
PhD position in Quantum Optics with Solid State Quantum Memories 29/04/2012 PhD, Fellowship
Research Engineer in Quantum Communications 29/04/2012 PostDoc, Other
Newton International Post-Doctoral Fellowship 15/04/2012 PostDoc, Fellowship
Postdoctoral position available in Toulouse-Theory of cold atoms and quantum chaos PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in Quantum Information in Madrid 14/05/2012 PostDoc
PhD Positions in Quantum Information Science and Technology (University of Geneva) PhD
PhD research studentships in theoretical and computational physics (Surrey, UK) 07/04/2012 PhD
Postdoctoral position in quantum many-body theory, quantum information theory, or quantum optics (Berlin) PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in Relativistic Quantum Information 04/03/2012 PostDoc
PhD Scholarships : Robust Quantum Information and Metrology 30/10/2012 PhD
PhD in Theoretical Quantum Optics of Ultracold Quantum Gases and Nanostructures (Oxford) 08/03/2012 PhD
PhD position in quantum information theory (Siegen, Germany) 19/02/2012 PhD
Postdoc and PhD positions in Freiburg 11/02/2012 PhD, PostDoc
PhD / PostDoc: High-Precision Ion Traps for Optical Clocks 29/02/2012 PhD
PhD projects at QTeQ 27/02/2012 PhD
PhD Position in experimental quantum information processing 30/01/2012 PhD
Postdoctoral Position in Quantum Information Science at C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook University 14/01/2012 PostDoc